Emergent Medicine

artwork by Alex Grey
artwork by Alex Grey

Inside you is a tremendous power.  It is the animating force within you. Ultimately, it's all you have to work with.  You can either claim and cultivate this power or allow it to twist and bend into shadow.  You can deny it, but you can't prevent it from trying to express.  It is the drive that draws your breath, the imperative that fuels every action.  It cannot be negated.  It asserts itself in every moment.

This power residing at the core of your being is love. It is your true Spirit nature.  It is Consciousness seeking to express itself within the world of Form.  24/7 we are only doing one thing: attempting to bring this power fully into the world.  I am not kidding.  I am in lively earnest. Every moment, all we are doing is seeking to bring love into the world.

It doesn't look like that, you say? I understand.  On the surface it doesn't look like that. It often looks like the farthest thing from love.  Why?  Because we have a long way to go before we learn to bring love in its purest form.  Humans are on an evolutionary journey to learn how to do this.  We don't yet know how.  We haven't developed the wisdom or energetic capacity to express this love clearly and cleanly.

But  we can!

Please understand me, I am not offering you secondhand New Age platitudes.  I am speaking from direct personal experience of the human energy field.  When I look deeply into the energy fields of my fellow humans, I witness this sacred drama unfolding.  At our core is Light/Love/Consciousness seeking to manifest in the world.

Our energy fields are ultimately designed to carry the current of love, but we have not yet fully developed this capacity.  We are on a pathway to do so.  Lifetime to lifetime, generation after generation, we are developing our ability to express the power of love. With each life, each generation, we are strengthening our capacity to love.

Where we have developed capacity, we are able to bring forth love from our core.  It flows through us, expressing as presence, creativity, humor, honesty, tenderness, zest, clarity, craftsmanship, wisdom, sacred sexuality, generosity, justice, care of self and others, speaking truth to power, joy and much more.

Where we have faltered in our ability to express love, our energy fields become stressed. Under this pressure, the flow of love becomes distorted.  It bends into shadow and manifests as fear, hate, pain, anger, greed, cruelty, depression, neglect, indifference, doubt, inertia and much more.

Love is powerful medicine. It heals, empowers & transforms.  When we express love authentically, our actions, our very being, become medicine, helping to heal and harmonize the world. Where we are creating distortions, we have the opportunity to heal and evolve, truing the streams of our medicine so it can flow clearly and lovingly into the world.

This will not transpire overnight.  Discovering the love at your core and developing your authentic pathways for expressing that love cannot be accomplished in a single weekend retreat.  You cannot actualize your medicine in 5 easy steps, 15-minutes a day.  It requires a zesty full-bodied, on-going commitment.

If you are willing, you will!

Not all at once, not entirely in this lifetime, but it will happen.  As this transformation unfolds, your quality of life improves.  Anxiety eases, courage grows, drama reduces, peace increases, joy flows, love moves. You become a gift to yourself and others.

article by Ananaia O'Leary