Synergy: Our Next Evolutionary Step


What would happen if humans learned to work together harmoniously?

That is not possible, you say? I challenge that. Past precedent is not proof of future possibility. Humans are a collective species. We are expressly designed to live and create together harmoniously. We simply have yet to fulfill our design. Throughout human history, we have been to striving to do so. Our progress has been hampered by the fact that this has largely been an unconscious process, driven by our Spirit and unrecognized by our Ego. Now is the time we can engage consciously. When we do so, the way forward is smoothed and accelerated.

To achieve this, we need to heal distortions in our consciousness, develop our ability to access and honor our inner wisdom, evolve untapped capacities and learn to live from love. As we heal and grow, we discover that medicine harmonizes with medicine. Why? Because medicine sources from the Creator consciousness at the core of our being. This consciousness creates for universal good. When guided from this Source, we create for harmony. We create from love.

Synergy is the magic that happens when two or more come together to create from love. When people share their authentic medicine, amazing things can happen. Each person’s medicine has the potential to compliment and augment the medicine of others. We can create harmoniously together without contention or competition, drama or dysfunction. Synergized medicine yields results far greater than the sum of the parts, exponentially expanding our ability to resolve challenges and enhance our collective quality of life.

What would happen if humans learned to work together harmoniously?


We have a lot of evolving to do before we can do this consistently. Evolution is an inside job. It doesn’t happen “out there.” Transformation is up to you. You can heal the distortions in your consciousness, learn to access your inner wisdom and progressively bring forth your authentic potential. You can create from love.

A tall order? Certainly. But if you are willing, it will happen.

It will not be achieved overnight. It doesn’t need to be. We are on an evolutionary journey to co-create from love. As your journey unfolds, life sweetens, joy increases, harmony flourishes and grace flows. You don’t have to take up this challenge alone. Human beings are not meant to operate in isolation. Join me. It is time to say “Yes!” to synergy.

article by Ananaia O'Leary