Evolution: Journey to Love


You didn't come into this life whole and perfect. You came in as a work in progress. You may be born with a brand new body, but it's inhabited by a soul that has been journeying through lifetimes. What is the purpose of this journey? Evolution.

Evolution toward what? The full revelation of love-in-action. The long arc of our evolutionary future stretches so far before us that its ultimate endpoint may be beyond anyone's imagining. Yet, when you look with the eyes of Spirit, it is possible to follow that future thread to a time when human beings fully embody love. Gaze even further and you may glimpse a world, perhaps a galaxy, in which humans, collaborating from love, create harmonious solutions and luminous innovations beyond our dearest dreams.

As individuals and as a species, we are on a path toward this full embodiment of love. Every moment of every life, we have been on that journey. In the course of that long sojourn, we acquire some history. We enter this life with a soul record of all we have accomplished. This soul record is a part of our energy field, which holds all the wisdom and abilities we have developed and are in the process of developing. In our new body, we need to reconnect to this reservoir of experience and activate it at our conscious operating level. When you turn your hand to something new and discover you have a natural knack for it, you are tapping into this storehouse of wisdom.

In addition to carrying forward our accomplishments, we also bring with us unresolved challenges. We have been learning about love by trial and error. In the process, things can get sticky, often painful. When we hurt, we tend to hunker down to lick our wounds. When we are unsure how to proceed, our progress is stymied. If we are unable to resolve these challenges, we bring them forward into our next life. Wherever this painful inertia exists, healing is needed. As we heal, we relieve paralyzing pressure and regain our evolutionary momentum.

Healing is an essential, ongoing process, but it is not the endgame. We emerge from each healing experience more resilient and empowered to express love through our own unique medicine (our gifts, abilities, positive qualities.) Then what? Beyond healing there is growth, limitless opportunities to realize more of our authentic potential. This is where the journey gets juicy. Here we are free to build our confidence, strengthen our talents, hone our capacities and widen out into new territories of exploration and self-discovery. Here we refine our ability to share our gifts impeccably with the world.

Evolution is a joyous experience. As we evolve, we flourish: love flows, wisdom grows, intuition deepens, synergy happens. We learn to express ourselves more authentically, collaborate more effectively and create more harmoniously. We become medicine women and men, building a better world through the power of love.