Ayni Despacho: Praying Harmony

Ayni Despacho 1 (3)

Join us as we come together
to pray Harmony
into our lives & our world. 

The Ayni Despacho is a beautiful practice, which comes to us from the shamans of Peru. In the Quechua language, ayni means harmony or right relationship. Despacho means offering.

In this ceremony, we will create an offering bundle, carrying our prayers for ayni (harmonious relationship) with All That Is into the realm of Spirit.  This is a sacred opportunity to pray harmony for many areas of our lives. We are not imposing harmony externally or manipulating others, we are asking Spirit to help us to be in greater harmony in our engagement and experience with the world from within. We will allow our prayers to roll out to touch the world and be received where freewill permits. 

After the despacho is complete, the bundle will be used to energetically scrape each person, clearing stagnant energy from our fields, making way for greater harmony within and without. 

At a later time, the despacho will be burned. Although we won't be burning the bundle together, you will know the date/time it will be burned. You may wish to meditate or be mindful during that time as people often experience addition releases and transformation when the despacho is burned. 

We will be feeding our prayers with offerings. Please bring 2/3 cup of each:

  • 1 kind of light-colored nut or seed
  • 1 kind of light-colored bean or legume
  • 1 kind of light-colored grain
  • 1 kind of light-colored dried herb or flower petals


Sat. March 17
5:30 -8:30 pm

Cost: $40 
Early Bird: $35 when registered by March 1
Pre-registration required. Please be clear in your intention as registration is non-refundable. 

Registration for Ayni Despacho