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Ash Wed: Remember Man That Thou Art Dust

By Ananaia OLeary | Feb 21, 2018

I was never impressed with the whole idea of Lent, a 6-week season of deprivation in the name of spiritual growth. But growing up Catholic, there was always something just a lil bit badass about having ashes smudged onto my forehead with the forbidding admonishment: Remember, Man, that thou art dust and to dust thou […]

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When You’re Feeling Down, Look Up

By Ananaia OLeary | Dec 7, 2017

Ever notice that, when times get tough, we tend to bow our heads & forge ahead, eyes lowered, chin tucked, jaw set? This posture compresses our upper chakras: Crown, 3rd Eye, Throat & Heart. Constricting these vital centers makes it more difficult to access the grace, inspiration & clarity needed to find solutions & a […]

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Opening The Heart

By Ananaia OLeary | Sep 7, 2017

OPENING THE HEART (Tracing the Yin Bridge) Benefits: softens and opens the heart chakra, enhances receptivity to nourishing energies and spirit support, helps you attend to what has heart and meaning, allows you to express your heart more authentically, strengthens capacity for compassionate presence. Do this as a regular spirit practice, when you wish to […]

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Luminous Steps

By Ananaia OLeary | Aug 15, 2017

“Why do you seek this?” I ask her, as she sits across from me, expressing the desire to develop her “psychic” abilities.  It has been such a focus of discussion and attention that the question catches her unawares, and she laughs aloud in that wondrously naked laugh of hers. The one that reveals her willingness to […]

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Evolution: Journey to Love

By Ananaia OLeary | Apr 11, 2017

You didn’t come into this life whole and perfect. You came in as a work in progress. You may be born with a brand new body, but it’s inhabited by a soul that has been journeying through lifetimes. What is the purpose of this journey? Evolution. Evolution toward what? The full revelation of love-in-action. The […]

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Synergy: Our Next Evolutionary Step

By Ananaia OLeary | Apr 7, 2017

What would happen if humans learned to work together harmoniously? That is not possible, you say? I challenge that. Past precedent is not proof of future possibility. Humans are a collective species. We are expressly designed to live and create together harmoniously. We simply have yet to fulfill our design. Throughout human history, we have […]

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Emergent Medicine

By Ananaia OLeary | Mar 27, 2017

artwork by Alex Grey Inside you is a tremendous power.  It is the animating force within you. Ultimately, it’s all you have to work with.  You can either claim and cultivate this power or allow it to twist and bend into shadow.  You can deny it, but you can’t prevent it from trying to express.  It is the drive that […]

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Operational Holy Grail

By Ananaia OLeary | Jun 22, 2016

I’ve been exploring a dynamic that my Spirit Allies call our “operational Holy Grail.”   The concept here is that, on a day-to-day operational level, each of us has a key quality or condition we are seeking.  When that condition is met,  we find ourselves in the sweet spot, optimized for functioning.  We experience ease and a […]

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Spirituality Doesn’t Require Suffering

By Ananaia OLeary | Jun 8, 2016

Here’s a meme that’s been going around lately.   It expresses ideas that are commonly held in the metaphysical milieu, which contribute to misconceptions about the relationship between spirituality and sensitivity.  These misconceptions create confusion, which can impede people’s evolution. The meme reads: The suffering described in this meme may occur during early stages of the […]

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