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Balance Your Chakras with Color Breathing

By Ananaia OLeary | Apr 20, 2016

Chakra are vital keys to our health and well-being, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Each of these energy centers resonates in a unique and specific frequency range. When a chakra is stressed, it can become unbalanced and compromised. Its frequencies become dampened or overly intensified. Chakra balancing helps to restore the chakra frequencies to their […]

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Welcoming Flow

By Ananaia OLeary | Apr 10, 2016

FLOWING is a state of dynamic ease. When we are flowing energetically, subtle energy circulates freely through our meridians, chakras and energy bodies, reducing physical and emotional pain and dysfunction. Energetic flow also supports healthy function in the physical body, including the cardio-vascular, endocrine and nervous systems. Energetic flow promotes balance, vitality and optimal function […]

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Activating the Chakras in Your Feet

By Ananaia OLeary | Apr 1, 2016

The chakras in the bottom of our feet help to connect us to the Earth’s energy field. Shoes, concrete and the stresses of modern life can cause these energy centers to become congested and closed.  When this happens, the energetic exchange between us and the Mother is curtailed, making it hard for us to release unwanted energies and receive […]

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Feelings Flow

By Ananaia OLeary | Mar 24, 2016

Feelings flow. They are energy moving through us, creating a vibrant connection with the living web. Where our energy fields are clear and thriving, feelings move in a pure nourishing current, uplifting and enlivening us. Where our energy fields are blocked and dysfunctional, pure feeling distorts into raw emotion. Emotion is pure feeling under pressure. […]

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Mind A-Whirl? Try These Tips

By Ananaia OLeary | Mar 3, 2016

Artwork by Alex Grey Is your mind a-whirl? Cluttered with plans & possibilities or fears & frustrations? When the mind is buzzing, it can be very difficult to hear the calm, still voice of intuition. We can scheme & strategize, but, in this mental mode, we have only intellect & past precedent to draw upon. […]

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Catalyzing Clarity

By Ananaia OLeary | Feb 15, 2016

Clarity is such a blessing.  When we are clear, we can move forward with confidence.  When we are muddled, momentum slows and tension rises.  Often we try to push forward, despite confusion.  The results are seldom satisfactory. Angeles Arrien, writer, cultural anthropologist and medicine woman, once wrote: When we are not clear, we wait. There […]

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Remember, Man, That Thou Art Dust

By Ananaia OLeary | Feb 9, 2016

Ash Wednesday I was never impressed with the whole idea of Lent, a 6-week season of deprivation in the name of spiritual growth.  But growing up Catholic, there was always something just a lil bit badass about having ashes smudged onto my forehead with the forbidding admonishment: Remember, Man, that thou art dust and to […]

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Trusting Your Creations Begins with a Liminal Pause

By Ananaia OLeary | Feb 3, 2016

I can trust myself as a perfect and luminous Creator. What an amazing discovery this has been!  The light of this awareness has been slowly dawning over the past few years, as I’ve come into the recognition that every experience is a perfect gift from my Higher Self, my Spirit.  And this is true for you […]

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Quiet for the Quickening

By Ananaia OLeary | Feb 1, 2016

Today is Imbolc, a holiday with ancient roots and modern relevance. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the time of the quickening. The time when life stirs in the Earth and the next cycle of growth awakens. It is a perfect time to slow our activity, quiet our minds and dissolve our inner chatter […]

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