Munay-Ki Mentoring

White Orchid 720

Evolution through the Power of Love

If you have received all 9 of the Munay-Ki rites, this mentoring series offers an opportunity to learn how to share these sacred rites with others. I will be offering this mentorship series in 3 phases, beginning with the Foundational Rites.

Part 1: Foundational Rites: Bands of Power, Healer, Harmony & Seer 

8-pt class (no classes currently scheduled)

We will review the principles of each of the Foundational Rites, learn & practice how to pass them, deepen our skill & confidence in facilitating fire ceremony and explore tracking to access the state of the rites in a recipient’s field.  Learning how to pass the rites is a sacred process, which both transforms and empowers. As you step up to this process, it is important to reflect deeply on your intent. Learning to pass the rites requires a commitment to honoring the sacredness and integrity of these initiations with impeccability and a generous spirit. I look forward to sharing this mentoring with you.

Part 2: Lineage Rites: Daykeeper, Wisdomkeeper & Earthkeeper  

We will:

  • explore the principle & dynamics of spiritual lineage
  • deepen our understanding and rapport with the 3 lineages
  • learn and practice how to pass these Daykeeper, Wisdomkeeper & Earthkeeper rites
  • strengthen our relationship with the luminous allies from these 3 lineages

We will meet for 5 classes & 1 Community Sharing event.  Dates to be scheduled by agreement. 
Participants will also assist for 2 lineage rites classes this Autumn.

Lineage Mentoring Registration Options


Part 3: Pachakuti Rites: Starkeeper & Creator – – to be scheduled later