3rd Fridays Skill-Builder Series


This workshop series offers relaxed, experiential opportunities to learn about healing, divination & connection with Spirit. 

I hope you will join us for some — or all! — of this series.  Space in the classes is limited & I expect they will fill up quickly, so I recommend registering early.

I look forward to sharing these workshops with you. Love & Life! 

Classes meet 7-9 pm

@ MedicineHeart Woman office
8801 N Meridian St. Suite 100
Indianapolis, IN 46260

2018 Series

Jan. 19: The Art of Divination

New Year is a great time to seek divine guidance for the path ahead. We'll be using Brian Froud's Faeries' Oracle to divine for insight and alliance from the realm of Faery. If you are new to working with the Fey, I think you will find them to be loving wayshowers for your luminous becoming. If you have a copy of the Oracle, please bring your deck and book. If you don't, no worries - we'll have copies for you to share.

Feb. 16: The Art of Chakra Balancing

Healthy chakras are essential for well-being. Chakras function best when balanced. We'll be practicing balancing each chakra, front to back. We will also explore the relationship between pairs of chakras, balancing them to each other to support their partnership. 

March 16: The Art of Energy Clearing

Dense energies can build up in our auras and in the spaces where we live and work, dampening our spirits and impeding joy, creativity and flow. We'll explore a variety of techniques for dispelling dense energy and enhancing the flow of bright, nourishing energies. 

April 20: The Art of Sacred Space

When doing spirit work, it can be beneficial to open Sacred Space, a practice for aligning with luminous Spirit support.  Opening Sacred Space:

  • promotes partnership with Spirit
  • deepens consciousness
  • nourishes us energetically
  • enhances the quality of our spiritwork (meditation, ritual, healing, creativity, etc.)

We'll explore calling Spirit from the 7 Sacred Directions: East, South, West, North, Below, Above & Within & experience the benefits & blessings of Spirit presence.

May 18: The Art of Welcoming Spirit

Spirit is eager to work with us. If we know how to ask, we can invite Spirit to be present and support us on our evolutionary journey. We'll explore the practice of invocation (the art of welcoming Spirit,)  strengthen our capacity to connect with spiritual support and experience the benefits and blessings of Spirit presence. 


All 5 classes: $100; Early Bird: $95 when your register by Jan 6
$25/class; Early Bird: $20 when registered 2 weeks prior
Please Note: No refunds will be issued. Please be clear in your intent when you register. 

Skill Builder Early Bird 2018
Skill Builder Series 2018