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Welcoming Flow

Take Action

FLOWING is a state of dynamic ease. When we are flowing energetically, subtle energy circulates freely through our meridians, chakras and energy bodies, reducing physical and emotional pain and dysfunction. Energetic flow also supports healthy function in the physical body, including the cardio-vascular, endocrine and nervous systems.

Energetic flow promotes balance, vitality and optimal function in body, mind and spirit. When we are flowing spiritually, life unfolds sweetly and smoothly, with few obstacles and little stress. Spiritual flow enables us to open to inspiration and possibilities, connect to nourishment and support, think creatively and move optimistically in the world.

There are many energy medicine techniques that help our energy to flow, but you may wish to begin by energizing your intention to welcome flow into your life.

hummingbird flight


  1. Each morning take a few moments to face East (the direction of the dawning sun & new possibilities)
  2. Take a few deep cleansing breaths in through your nose, out through the mouth
  3. State aloud: Today I welcome grace and ease.  (or similar words of your choosing)
  4. If you wish, open your heart to the support of Spirit. Hummingbird is a particularly good ally to call upon for this. Hummingbird medicine helps us trust and align with the sweetness of Life.

Intention is powerful.  Life flows more smoothly when we welcome grace and ease. Welcome flow!