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Operational Holy Grail


I've been exploring a dynamic that my Spirit Allies call our "operational Holy Grail."   The concept here is that, on a day-to-day operational level, each of us has a key quality or condition we are seeking.  When that condition is met,  we find ourselves in the sweet spot, optimized for functioning.  We experience ease and a sense of right alignment. Things flow.

When Spirit brought this information through a few years ago, it carried a ring of Truth, which has inspired me to learn more. With the help of Spirit, I've been deepening my understanding and helping myself and others to explore our personal operational Holy Grails. I have a strong sense that identifying our operational Holy Grail and learning how to attain it is a vital key to harmony-in-living and effectively bringing our medicine in the world.

Discovering and cultivating our personal operational Holy Grail, empowers us.  What is your operational Holy Grail?

My operational Holy Grail is clarity. When my mind is lucid, I am in the sweet spot.  My entire system hums. I am cleared for action. When my mind is muddled, it slows my roll. Confusion creates a micro-chaos, which stymies momentum and sends my creative energy spiraling into unfruitful back eddies.  For me personally, it is the most miserable state I know. Of course, no one likes to be confused, but for me clarity is a core organizing dynamic. Without it, nothing good can happen.  Operationally, clarity empowers me to be at peace and to act in alignment.

This awareness has made cultivating clarity an even greater priority.  Through energy work, ceremony, spirit alliance and prayer, I continue to welcome and nurture clarity. When I am unclear, I am not myself.  In this moment, I am reminded that whenever I feel confused, I need to step back, insert a liminal pause and reconnect to my authentic core, which is always clear and aligned with Truth. Confusion is simply evidence that I am coming from Ego, rather than Spirit - a timely reminder.

Of course, the operational Holy Grail is simply that: something we seek in order to optimize our ability to function. Beyond this operational level, there is a deeper dynamic: the spiritual Holy Grail that inspires our evolution and drives our destiny.  Ultimately, the spiritual Holy Grail is Love. We are called to our own unique pathways of experiencing and expressing Love and the creative synergy that arises when we collaborate from Love.  Understanding our personal operating system, helps us to answer the call of destiny.

article by Ananaia R O'Leary

Align with the Luminous

The Luminous is Source Consciousness existing within all form, manifesting as light, expressing as love.   We are luminous: our souls, our cells, our sacred spirits and our blessed bodies.   Everything we see, touch, taste, know, feel and are — is light manifesting as both matter and energy, particle and wave.

Ekstasis by Brian Froud
Ekstasis by Brian Froud

Matter is consciousness experiencing itself in finite form.  Consciousness cannot be divided.    Every particle, every being contains within it — not a “piece” of consciousness — but  Source Consciousness itself:  indivisible, unified, whole.   When we recognize this, we discover that what appeared to be the tension of opposites is in fact the harmony of Oneness.

Within us, lies the deep wisdom of the whole: the pattern of Creation and the consciousness which created it.  When we perceive only the physical plane,  we are caught in the superstition of the material (the false belief that matter is the only reality); we experience separation from Oneness, creating disharmony and the experience of suffering.

When we identify only with Light and Consciousness, dismissing matter as illusionary, we disdain the beauty and power of Creation and disregard the very purpose for our existence.

We are here to create.  We are Source Consciousness incarnating in a body in order to create and experience from our unique perspective within Creation.   As creators endowed with free will, we can choose to create from the fragmented perspective of the finite or to align with the Luminous, creating from the perspective of Source Consciousness for the good of All That is.

The Luminous is Love, the medicine which heals and harmonizes Creation. As we align with the Luminous, we progressively free ourselves from the superstition of the material and recognize the presence of divine Consciousness within all form.   In the presence of the Luminouswe are uplifted, revitalized, reconnected with the ecstatic Song of Life.

We remember who we are.   

When we liberate the Luminous Within us, we express our gifts and discover our authentic ways of being.  As we live and create in alignment with the Luminous, we infuse our world with beauty, grace and harmony, transcending suffering through the power of Love, flowing direct from Source.

article by Ananaia O'Leary