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Spirituality Doesn’t Require Suffering

Here's a meme that's been going around lately.   It expresses ideas that are commonly held in the metaphysical milieu, which contribute to misconceptions about the relationship between spirituality and sensitivity.  These misconceptions create confusion, which can impede people's evolution.

The meme reads:

Spiritual Sensitivity meme

The suffering described in this meme may occur during early stages of the spiritual journey, when we awaken to awareness, deepen intuition and begin to heal. This is not spiritual maturity nor attainment. This is merely spiritual awakening. Unfortunately, many people don't move past this stage to achieve a hardy capacity for deep presence and awareness.


Suffering is not actually a product of being spiritual. It is a product of unhealed dynamics in your energy field. When we begin to open our spiritual awareness and senses, we shed some of the defenses which guard these unhealed areas. This may make us more tender and vulnerable, but it is designed to bring our awareness to areas where we require healing and growth. We associate this with spirituality, because the exposing of our vulnerabilities coincides with our awakening into greater spiritual awareness.

The key is to keep going -- to deepen your wisdom, learn healing approaches to transform these vulnerable areas and strengthen spiritual capacity.  If you do not understand the deeper workings of your consciousness and your energy field, there can be a tendency to think of your suffering as evidence of the depth of your spirituality. I assure you -- it isn't. It's evidence of a need for healing that your spiritual journey is bringing to light.

As we heal these dynamics within us, we are able to be deeply aware and present without suffering. A beautiful process!

article by Ananaia R O'Leary

Align with the Luminous

The Luminous is Source Consciousness existing within all form, manifesting as light, expressing as love.   We are luminous: our souls, our cells, our sacred spirits and our blessed bodies.   Everything we see, touch, taste, know, feel and are — is light manifesting as both matter and energy, particle and wave.

Ekstasis by Brian Froud
Ekstasis by Brian Froud

Matter is consciousness experiencing itself in finite form.  Consciousness cannot be divided.    Every particle, every being contains within it — not a “piece” of consciousness — but  Source Consciousness itself:  indivisible, unified, whole.   When we recognize this, we discover that what appeared to be the tension of opposites is in fact the harmony of Oneness.

Within us, lies the deep wisdom of the whole: the pattern of Creation and the consciousness which created it.  When we perceive only the physical plane,  we are caught in the superstition of the material (the false belief that matter is the only reality); we experience separation from Oneness, creating disharmony and the experience of suffering.

When we identify only with Light and Consciousness, dismissing matter as illusionary, we disdain the beauty and power of Creation and disregard the very purpose for our existence.

We are here to create.  We are Source Consciousness incarnating in a body in order to create and experience from our unique perspective within Creation.   As creators endowed with free will, we can choose to create from the fragmented perspective of the finite or to align with the Luminous, creating from the perspective of Source Consciousness for the good of All That is.

The Luminous is Love, the medicine which heals and harmonizes Creation. As we align with the Luminous, we progressively free ourselves from the superstition of the material and recognize the presence of divine Consciousness within all form.   In the presence of the Luminouswe are uplifted, revitalized, reconnected with the ecstatic Song of Life.

We remember who we are.   

When we liberate the Luminous Within us, we express our gifts and discover our authentic ways of being.  As we live and create in alignment with the Luminous, we infuse our world with beauty, grace and harmony, transcending suffering through the power of Love, flowing direct from Source.

article by Ananaia O'Leary