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Honing In

Consciousness, Reflections

When I sit down to blog, I step into a kaleidoscope.  My mind widens out and theme-streams begin to flow in, each one carrying currents of nuanced, complex content. There’s a juicy over-abundance of data. So much so, that in a matter of seconds, I’ve gone from inspired to swirling in a storm surge of possibilities.

Kaleidescope by Aaron Flick

Don’t misconstrue.  I’m not complaining about the connectivity. It’s simply that, awash in this vast sea, it becomes hard to choose a direction. I need a way to hone in. When I’m responding to someone or something that is arising in real-time, honing in is seldom a problem. Inspiration and intuition seem to easily calibrate to what is needed in that context.

Blog writing is more abstract.  Sometimes inspiration is sparked by something immediate: something I’ve seen or read or a recent conversation or experience. If I can strike while the iron is hot, my focus stays keenly contextualized and cogent clarity flows out. But often inspiration arises in a class, a session, a roadtrip, during my morning ablutions or in the midst of chores. Everything coalesces, words and awareness dovetail, and I can easily articulate what is emerging out loud or in my mind. Of course, it’s not always possible – or optimal – to drop everything and head to my keyboard. When I do seek to recollect these notions in tranquility, I find myself a-whirl in the kaleidoscope.  What is happening here?

This is not merely an inability to recall or concentrate.  I’ve made mental tags, jotted down crib notes and taped sessions and classes for later playback.  When I sit down to write, I reference these sources then tune back in to re-acquire the inspirational stream. The kaleidoscope-vista opens and I seek the tip of the tagged thread surfacing in the dynamic landscape on my inner screen.  It’s almost always there, hazy at first, then coming clearer as I edge in for a closer look.  As I touch the tip of the thread, its content activates.

I am on the live-wire of this strand of Truth, vibrating and dancing in the Gnosis of the Beloved.  I am poised, present, ready to be informed.  I open to receive; the edges of the thread suffuses and expands. Exquisitely complex, related content pours into this thread from every direction until it is no longer the neatly sequenced filament that had coalesced earlier in class, session or personal brainstorm. It is a vast moving field: multi-dimensional, incoming and eager to be comprehended.  My mind floods. As my current capacity to process maxes, my mind fades to featureless white. I breathe and must mentally regroup. My blog entry and my inner screen – both blank. Impasse.

From the time of original inspiration to the time I sit down to write, something has clearly changed. Just now as I was writing this, I flashed on an insight, which is at least one piece of this puzzle: Curiosity is key!

Curiosity, yes, but not just idle curiosity – purposeful curiosity.  Clarity coalesces for me when I engage my curiosity in the pursuit of that which will uplift and transform.  It is this intention which summons each decipherable thread of insight from the wider field. Like a living strand of DNA, each thread contains the necessary data, in the necessary sequence, to activate evolutionary growth in those it touches.  This specific data was singled out and sequenced by the needs of the receiver(s) – myself included.

When I am effective in Truth-tracking, I am doing so in a specific context, in which unknown, but particular, insights are needed to help those involved to advance. We are not dealing with infinite generalities, but a finite set of variables.  These variables cannot all be cataloged by the intellect, but can be encompassed intuitively. My intuition, with the support of Spirit and the collaborative consciousness of all present, calibrates precisely what is essential in that moment and calls it forward to be explicated from the deep field of Truth.

I am often able to comprehend and convey a good portion of this essential data through words, energy and action in such a way that it creates an opening for healing or growth. I am hopeful the insights emerging here will help me develop these capacities further.

When I draw a blank while sitting at my keyboard, I am operating in reference to a much broader data set than usual. I am thinking globally, rather than locally — this is the worldwide web, after all. Without fully realizing it, I’ve been attempting to track and then write something which has the potential to uplift and transform all who read it.  No wonder, what was once a finely calibrated river of wisdom, suddenly floods out into a vast and amorphous sea. Now the data being summoned forth is not the specific set of data needed in this precise moment by one person or a small group of people. Instead, I am unwittingly attempting to coalesce precise, detailed insight on a particular topic for a nearly universal group of people who could be accessing this post at anytime in the future.  The variables exponentially expand!  I currently don’t have the capacity or methodology to process information on this scale, but I’m up for the challenge of expanding my capacity in whatever way is in harmony.

Lots to contemplate here … and even more to explore.  My purposeful curiosity has definitively been piqued!