Balance Your Chakras with Color Breathing

Chakra are vital keys to our health and well-being, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Each of these energy centers resonates in a unique and specific frequency range. When a chakra is stressed, it can become unbalanced and compromised. Its frequencies become dampened or overly intensified. Chakra balancing helps to restore the chakra frequencies to their natural range.

You can help to balance your chakras through using the natural color of each chakra as a kind of "tuning fork" for its specific frequency. Here's a simple exercise which combines breathwork, color visualization and intention to support the health of your chakra.

  1. Begin this exercise with an intention to offer healing and balancing to your energy system.
  2. Bring your awareness to your root chakra. (Placing your palms on or above the chakra can help your focus.)

  3. Breathe in and hold the air in your lungs for a few moments.

  4. Imagine that the air in your lungs is turning a rich, vibrant shade of red.

  5. As you exhale, imagine that you are breathing out your root chakra. Envision the red energy in your lungs is flowing down to your root chakra and through it out of your body.

  6. As this red energy flows to your root, imagine the chakra itself glowing brightly with this vibrant red light
  7. Send 3 red breaths to your root chakra

  8. Take a deep cleansing breath, in through your nose, and release red from your imagination as you release your breath out your mouth

  9. Repeat for each chakra with the corresponding color. Root: Red, Sacral (belly): Orange, Solar Plexus (diaphragm): Yellow, Heart: Green, Throat: Blue, 3rd Eye (brow): Indigo/Purple, Crown (top of head): Violet or White

article by Ananaia R O'Leary